Susan Liselle Carney

“What began as a personal artistic exploration has expanded to a questioning of who we are as Americans.”

Artist’s Statement

I have been exploring identity and heredity in my paintings. I began using metaphors such as the roots of trees or flowers to symbolize how our ancestors and historical events inform parts of our self-image.

I have been wondering about the genesis and history of our country and how all of these components contribute to our complicated collective identity. In particular, I’ve been exploring all of the details surrounding the English invasion of “Tsencommacah” (Jamestown, Virginia) in1607. I continue to be intrigued by how many social themes from that time period resurface today as we navigate race relations, gender fluidity, religious freedoms and the treatment of our environment.

Susan Carney began her career in Shepherdstown, WV first as a student at Shepherd College, then as a working artist. She currently lives and works out of her studio gallery in St. Mary’s County, MD. A fascination with change informs Carney’s work. Watercolor, spray paint, acrylic paint, varnish and collage combine on wood, canvas and paper with a vocabulary of images such as birds, insects, knots, weaving, and fragments of the human body. A graduate of Shepherd University with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking, Carney completed an MFA at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Susan is the recipient of numerous awards, including the WV Division of Culture and History Award of Excellence. Susan Carney paintings hang in galleries and private homes and collections throughout the US.